Accommodation and Tourist Information


The meeting will take place at  Expolab - Centro de Ciência VivaSee a map here.


Please be aware that the meeting will be held at Lagoa. A daily shuttle will be in place everyday, to take people from Ponta Delgada and back. 

Mornings – Departures from Hotel Canadiano (8:00 am and 8:30 am)

Afternoons – Departures from Expolab (6:00 pm and 6:30 pm)


For adventurers who like to walk, we recommend this trail (google maps).


Accommodations (some suggestions):

Hotel Canadiano de Ponta Delgada

Hotel Marina Atlântico

NEAT Hotel Avenida

Hotel Ponta Delgada

MS Vila Nova

Hotel Camões

Thomas Place


Tourist Information here


São Miguel has a lot of fantastic programs. A lot! We leave here three suggestions, according to our personal taste.

Suggestion 1:  Visit Caldera of the Furnas Volcano + Terra Nostra Garden + Lunch at Tony's

In Terra Nostra (google maps), it is mandatory to take a bath and visit the garden. You should take a bath, be prepared for that!

At Tony's (google maps) you really have to eat a volcanic dish (Cozido das Furnas)!

All this takes place in Furnas. Everything can be done in the same day.

Suggestion 2:  Take a bath in Dona Beija Thermal Pools  (google maps). In fact, we could have mentioned this in the first suggestion, as it is also in Furnas. 

But, there would be many activities in the same day. It is open at night and it must have a special status! 

Suggestion 3:  Visit Lagoon of the Seven Cities. You should go down and have a coffee at Green Love (google maps).